Advanced Auto Transfers provides you with a quick, convenient way to buy or sell new car vehicles.

Initial Assessment – We view this assessment as the beginning of a partnership between our company and yours. Our first conversation with you will identify any inventory problems that you may have. This allows us to formulate the best course of action moving forward.

Solution – When you are a part of the AAT network you are always in control of your inventory. Whether you are buying or selling inventory through our service we will send you an email with the solution we discussed for final approval before we get to work for you.

Payment – We work to ensure transactions go as smooth as possible. Once a deal is finalized with AAT you will receive detailed instructions on how the payment process will work for each deal.

Delivery – Freight is arranged on vehicles once they are paid for. We partner with several auto transport brokers who understand the level of service we provide. We hold them to the same standard. They are committed to providing you with the same excellent service during the delivery process that we promise during setup.

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